Water pipes are clogged
Blockage of water pipes is a common problem faced by housewives, and blockage of water pipes is a problem that calls for concern and taking the necessary measures very quickly to solve them, causing blockages of pipes, whether kitchen or bathroom pipes, the exit of wastewater to the floor, or its flooding of sinks and bathtubs, which leads To the accumulation of germs and fungi associated with wastewater in these areas, and the spread of diseases and pathogens among household members, as may lead to the emergence of some unwanted insects and rodents at home, such as cockroaches, mice and wedding.

Ways of draining water pipes
It is important to inform the housewife or one of the family members about the appropriate procedures to be followed for the wiring of water pipes, in order to get rid of this problem as soon as it occurs, and to follow the necessary measures to reduce it, and that is by taking one of the following methods:

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Traditional methods
Throughout the generations, people have followed a number of traditional methods to solve the problem of clogging water pipes, which have proven effective every time they are used, except in severe cases, which are as follows:

Using a long and thin barbish, the thickness of which is less than the thickness of the pipes to be worn and a length exceeding the length of one pipe from both outlets, and pushing the barbish from one of the clogged pipe holes towards the other hole, so that one end enters it from one of the holes until it comes out of the other hole, and the barbish while it is pushing Forward by removing all dirt, dust, and sediments that accumulate along the pipes, causing them to become clogged.
Aspirator is one of the tools commonly used in the wiring of water pipes, toilets and washbasins clogged.

Many chemicals manufactured for the purpose of wiring pipes are available, some of them come in the form of liquid and others come in the form of granules of salt dissolved in hot water. Sediments, dirt and calcifications inside the pipes and convert them into small atoms to facilitate their drainage with wastewater. It also helps to purify the pipes from germs and microbes that cause bad odors coming out of the pipes. It is preferable to read the instructions for use and the precautions Start using, to avoid any error or misuse them.