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    Arranging home furniture

    Many women dream of the old age home. The salary, which puts all their fingerprints in all things, is a beautiful reflection of them and their families as well. Many people try to arrange their homes and coordinate them in a consistent, striking and remarkably comfortable way for those who live there. The foundations.

    The center of the house and furniture in an ideal way make your home very comfortable and beautiful, but it is lacking many of our fatigue and creativity often, because the coordination of furniture home difficult art lacks study before you begin the implementation of the center of the nest in all rooms of the house, and some of the basics and rules of that art You should first measure all the size of the rooms in a very accurate and accurate way so that you can determine the amount of loaf in the house. It is not too large and redundant. It is not small and leaves a huge gap. And places Spread the loaf out, until it is in place.
    Your steps to a neat and neat house
    Before you choose any of the inspection, you must specify the purpose of each room to stay at home, so that it can prepare furniture that fits at all with all the dimensions of the hall and at the same time do not exceed the size of the trash in the room whatever size, taking into account the number of people who will use This roommate, the destination thereof, is also its size.
    At the center of the nest itself in the room you have to urge all the time to take advantage of all corners of the room and not to miss all of them without benefit.
    You should also choose the appropriate and consistent colors to paint each hall in the house, commensurate with the desired end of the room.
    The lighting in the hall plays an important role in clarifying the decor, and gives a very special luster to the house, giving the light and the most comfortable and comfortable for the eye.
    For example, carpets have their own custom and strict rules. Carpets, for example, the way they choose their colors and sizes, and their suitability to the rooms.
    The paintings and all the artifacts that are placed in the living rooms of the saloons and the rooms of the stables also need to be very consistent with the size, color and number.
    And also regard with regard to the selection of curtains, which prefer to be installed from the top of the wall to the below as they give a beautiful impression along the wall, and give an impression of more luxury as well.
    Toward your arrangement of the reclining room, you should be very careful to leave an appropriate distance between the cuttings, because this suggests and gives us a feeling that the area is large and appropriate.
    You should place the larger sofa towards the larger wall in the room, and the carpet will be somewhat small and placed in the middle of the hall to give a more aesthetic form of the site.
    As for the hibernation, the bed is the basic arrangement in the room, and the cabinet is placed on the wall, which has no windows or decorations, and takes into account that the colors of the hall paint are quiet and have absolutely to hibernate and dislodge.
    In the center of Al-A'fash in general in different rooms, be careful to allow air and light to enter this room, which gives it more beauty, and also healthy.
    If you are coming to change the furniture you have to take good care of the colors of the best steps to buy a loaf, it is necessary to choose all colors that suit the color of floors, and walls, and must be careful to the quality of cloth, and drawings, too,

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    This is a nice and informative post thanks for the information!

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