The insect of the "ladybird" invaded Alexandria in great sizes. It filled the corniche path and wide areas of the areas close to the sea and parks, especially the park, waterfalls and picnic, which resulted in a wave of panic among the people. The "Ladybird" has caused confusion between minibuses and buses since the early hours, and on the social networking site. The most prominent 30 information about the insect: 1 "Ladybird" is the rank of beetles and is called Ladybird "" ladybug "and" lady beetle, and its scientific name is Coccinellidoe. 2 dubbed "clown". 3 insect is useful and not harmful, because it eats small insects. 4 calling them spread that is the timing of hatching their eggs. 5 Cooperation on the fertilization of flowers. 6 spread heavily in the streets, especially in the abandoned gardens and places full of trees, and neglected places filled with harmful herbs. 7 Do not cause any diseases in the human body. 8 He called it Aristotle with Cleopatra. 9 has been known for over 300 million years. 10 has a small size match with the rest of the families of beetles. 11 is 1 to 8 meters long. 12 have a variety of colors such as red, yellow, white, dark and gray gray, with patches on their wings orange or brown; and be effective from the last spring to the end of summer. 13 carries the head of a century sensor used mainly in the smell, especially in times of mating, in addition to sensing the surrounding environment. 14 And she has a life partner of the eyes, and every eye is detailed in the form of small, intricate lenses. 15 Her mouth is shaped like a dog, while her upper jaw is larger than the bottom and suitable for gnawing food. 16 have two cortices and, when flying, their wings are released from the membrane outside. 17 has a belly in the form of a breast shield with several rings from the bottom to the opening of the genitalia of her six legs articulated. 18 The body of the insect contains a strong anti-biotic compound called Harmonin, as well as antibiotic-containing peptide material, allowing the insect to more effectively mimic the native insects of the intestine. 19 are considered predators beneficial to the peasant, where fed on the nose and the harmful or auxiliary in the process of fertilization. 20 give birth to thousands of larvae, as the average age expected for each type of two to three years. 21 spread in most parts of the earth, there are more than & nbsp; 5000 species in North America and South Africa. 22 The entire life cycle takes 4-7 weeks. 23 In the warm places, shepherds sleep in the warm places. She searches for dwelling under the stones, under the bark of the trees, in their old trunks, or under the leaves of flowers that are as withered as poppies. 24 Scientists have emphasized by their research that the Asian ladybug allows her to excel during competition with the native forms of the country of residence. 25 and they enjoy a massive immune system that is enormous.