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    MSc Web Applications Development?

    Good Morning!!

    I need your guidelines on the below thing:

    I am from India. I wish to join Master degree in Web/ Mobile Programming. Basically I am Web Designer with 3 years experience. Please...
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    How do i get my instagram account back?

    hey there. hope you are well :)
    to get to my question,
    i was using a joint account with my friend (on her email) a few month ago she gave it to me totally, as her internet connection will be cut...
  3. Where on earth are zodiac signs most accurate?

    I have a believe that zodiac signs may be more accurate in certain areas because different areas have different seasons. Some places are summer year round and some places have all four seasons. I...
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    Help with English Tutoring?

    I'm currently tutoring a twelve year old girl in English but she's really has NO interest at all. Has anybody got any ideas on how to make teaching a) vocabulary b) general comprehension a bit more...
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    I still fit in kids clothes?

    Ok so I went on lands end.com and I went to the online chat to ask what size I would fit in to at there store. I gave them my measurements 5'4" 125 lbs 28x28 pants and 34 inch chest. And they told me...
  6. How can I send a facsimile (fax) through the internet, i.e. from my pc to the fax mac

    is there some website or a service (a program for e.g.) that enable me to send fax through the internet? just like how we can now make phone call through the internet
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    Dance music for wedding?

    i need some dance music for my wedding. i am making a list of songs i want played but i need a lot more. if you could help me out with some songs you think would be nice that would help a bunch!...
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    Poshmark help?

    How can I make more sales on poshmark? A lot of people like my stuff but they won't buy it. I need everything gone so how can I make more sales?
    poshmark gift card
  9. Help with an adult sex toy manufacturing.?

    I want to sell my patent pending, adult sex toy.I would like up front money and royalties. I am also open to financial help to get this up and running. I am in the middle of having a CAD done now and...
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    Otolaryngologist vs regular doctor?

    I have a either flu or a cold. My ears and throat hurt. In addition I have sinus headaches. Should I rather go to an Otolaryngologist or to my old doctor. One of my friends told me that...
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    A question about the Stock Market?

    Do any of you know the history of the stock market. When and why
    did it come into being?
    ειδησεισ ελλαδασ τωρα
  12. Do you know how to stain a cast stone fireplace?

    Im a pretty handy do it your self home owner who is not afraid to tackle much. However staining my fireplace is something that I can't undo if i screw it up.

    I have a white cast stone fireplace...
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    What has astrology to do with religion?

    Update: people believe in it.and vatican?
    Update 2: is not astrology a kind of witchcraft?and astronomy a heresy?
    kundali Milan
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    Download free software testing tutorial?

    Can anybody suggest me any site to download free software testing tutorial. Where can download free software testing tutorials, software testing ebooks, interview questions etc
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